These are the policies every parent/guardian and camper agreed to in the application. These are listed as a reminder and a courtesy only.

Cancellation Policy

We realize that situations may arise that change your plans. If a cancellation is made prior to June 1, your payment will be refunded if we are able to fill the camper spot with another camper from the waiting list. For cancellations after June 1, payment will not be refunded, you will be responsible for the full cost. Please let Camp Gilbert know at 605-212-6027 and campgilbertinfo@gmail.com as soon as possible if your child will not be attending camp, so that we can allow a camper from the waiting list to attend. Unfortunately, the past several years, we have had campers that are registered but do not arrive for camp, and did not cancel in advance. In these instances, another camper was not able to be added. Due to this, if a camper does not arrive for camp as scheduled, Camp Gilbert reserves the right to decline that camper’s future application to attend Camp Gilbert.

Physician Report

It is your responsibility to print out the physician report from the Camp Gilbert website and have your physician complete this, or call their office and ask them to print and complete this form. This can be completed by a primary physician office or your endocrinology office. The form asks for an A1C after January 1, 2019. You may need to make arrangements for an appointment to get this done. In the past several years, we have had more campers not turning in physician’s reports until the last minute. If you do not have your form turned in by May 15th, you may lose your spot at camp. If you have an appointment scheduled shortly after this date, please call 605-212-6027 to make arrangements for this to be accepted late.

Parent/Guardian Consent Statements

These are the statements every parent/guardian consents to in the application. These are listed as a reminder and a curtesy only.

I give my consent for adjusting insulin dose, performing blood tests, or any medical care deemed necessary by trained camp staff.

I also consent photography and videography of my camper for educational, promotional, and development purposes without compensation.

I will not hold Camp Gilbert Inc. liable, or any individual associated with camp, for accidental injury or illness resulting from this camper's attendance and activities at camp.

I give my consent that my middle school or high school camper (if applicable) may leave NeSoDak in order to participate in supervised camp field trips or community service projects.

Conduct Agreements

These are the agreements every camper and parent/guardian consented in the application. These are listed as a reminder and a curtesy only.

Medical Conduct Agreement

To ensure camper safety, all insulin, medications, food and treatments will be given only as directed by the Camp Gilbert staff. Campers found to be self-administering insulin, medications, food, and treatments may be sent home.

Please read through the Camper Medical Conduct Agreement below with your camper.

• I will only take insulin, medications, food and/or treatments as directed by the Camp Gilbert staff. This includes only giving a bolus with an insulin pump when directed by staff.

• If I take insulin, medications, food or treatments without Camp Gilbert staff direction/approval I will meet with the Camp Gilbert Directors and may be sent home.

Behavior Conduct Agreement

A camper who displays negative behavior can affect other campers. Campers who are disrespectful, disruptive, unruly, display inappropriate behavior, or emotionally, verbally, or physically threaten others will meet with the camp directors to evaluate their behaviors. If the behavior(s) continue after meeting with the camp directors, the parents will be notified about the inappropriate behavior(s), and the camper may be sent home. It will be the parent's responsibility to arrange transportation for their child if they indeed need to be sent home.

We want all campers to have an enjoyable time at Camp Gilbert. Please read through the Camper Behavior Conduct Agreement below with your camper.

• I agree to have fun at camp. In order to have fun at camp, I will respect the other campers, Camp Gilbert Staff, NeSoDak staff and camp facilities. I will follow the camp rules.

• I agree to obey all rules and regulations of Camp Gilbert. I also agree to obey the instruction of camp counselors, physicians, nurses, and adult volunteers pertaining to the camp activities, medical needs or practices and all related matters. I will inform the appropriate camp personnel of any matter or activity which I believe to be harmful or which creates the risk of accident or injury to myself or any other participant at camp.

• I will be responsible for my own words and actions.

• If I display disrespectful, disruptive, or unruly behaviors or if I emotionally, verbally or physically threaten others I will meet with the Camp Gilbert Directors and may be sent home.

• It is NeSoDak and Camp Gilbert policy that campers must turn in cell phones at the start of the week. If I do not follow these policies I will meet with the Camp Gilbert Directors and may be sent home.

• If I am sent home, I understand my parents will be responsible for picking me up or arranging transportation home.